5 Wardrobe essentials to have for your Salwar Kameez

Your wardrobe is the key to developing your sense of style; to help you set trends, look elegant and become a fashion icon are essentials that you must rock with your timeless salwar suit. These essentials will make you sublimely beautiful with your salwar kameez and satiate your fashion drive. Here are 5 essentials you must have in your wardrobe.

Removable Jacket Suits

Did you know ethnic jackets look fabulous with a salwar suit? They are a transfusion of the western and traditional resulting in graceful looks and better styles. Removable jackets are the ‘in’ trend in fashion today and future days to come; they give you a choice and also add a rich look to your style.


The Cape Trend

Pursuing the cape trend with your salwar kameez will make you look like a fashion icon. It blends the west; it is super stylish and gives a fusion look that is flaunted by nearly all celebrities and actresses. Capes are the latest fashion forward style, they are seen nearly everywhere and you will look like a celebrity when you wear a cape salwar kameez.

Maria B

A Pair Of Khussas

A pair of flattering and comfortable khussas is all you need to pair with anything and everything. There is a diverse collection of khussas in various styles and fashion, for every pakistani girl must have a pair of these shoes to complete their look.


A Heavy Dupatta

Though it is not a requirement to don a dupatta with your salwar suit, conversely, it is a necessity that can be styled in many ways. A multi-coloured dupatta or one with heavy embroidery is a must have in your closet to spice up a dull and simple outfit. Your dupatta has to be stunning and striking to make you look glamourous.

Faiza Saqlain

Ethnic Accessories

The icing on the cake on any salwar kameez look is a piece of ethnic jewellery that best completes the outfit. In your ethnic accessories make sure you have thick bracelets, jhumkas or even a necklace chocker.


These wardrobe staples will go a long way to ensure you are full of style, you become a true fashion icon and you look gorgeous. With the above essentials in your wardrobe be sure you will never go wrong with your salwar suit outfit.


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