Which is the best; made to order Salwar Kameez or Readymade?

Having to choose between a readymade Salwar kameez and a custom-made one is tough and sometimes requires professional advice. If you are indeed seeking this advice, this post will share with you some merits and demerits of both a custom-made outfit and a ready-made one.

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Lastly, a section about fabrics that are popular in Pakistan is included. The designs shown are the latest fashion trends and can give you ideas on customizing your suit.

Here are some merits and demerits of having custom-made and ready-made clothing.

Tailor-made salwar outfits

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Merits of custom-made

  • You get the best fit- in comparison to ready-made, tailored clothes fit best.
  • Get to choose your style- customized clothes bring out your personality.
  • Better quality fabrics are used in comparison to ready-made.
  • The outfit lasts longer- because of the high-quality fabric.


• Time-consuming
• Limited designs to choose from.
• Could be more costly as compared to ready-made

Readymade salwar kameez

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Merits of ready-made

  • The outfits here are made for everyone. Customized for masses.
  • Reduced wait time- as compared to custom-made, these are always ready for pick up.
  • They could be less costly; however, different fabrics go for different prices.
  • A large variety of designs to pick


  • Fabrics aren’t always of the best quality.
  • Sizes are often standardized thus has a limited fit.
  • Available models may not always be pleasing enough.

Therefore, if you are stuck between ordering a new salwar kameez suit and getting one customized for you, here are some fabric ideas and pictures to help you choose:


Cotton happens to be the most worn fabric across the globe. It is because it is lightweight and well suitable for summer. If you are looking for a salwar to wear to a casual event, wear a cotton one, especially if it is time for summer.
The cotton work should also have some embroidery to break up the monotony.
Here is a picture displaying a cotton salwar kameez.



If you are looking for the perfect fabric to wear to a party or an outdoor event, then a georgette salwar and kameez could be perfect. The pair can be embroidered with some chanderi work. It is because georgette is embroidery friendly.
Additionally, the embroidery can comprise rhinestones, sequins, and Swarovski if it is for a special occasion. However, if the look is for day-to-day activity, the printed embroidery will do fine.



A pure silk salwar and kameez are worn to formal occasions. Because of the nature and purity of silk, there is normally no embroidery. However, if there must be an embroidery, keep it at a minimum.



Crepe can sometimes be confused for satin because of its slippery nature. However, the crepe is a superior fabric that is also wrinkle free. It is most popular among young girls who have curvaceous bodies because it tends to cling to the body.


As seen above, any salwar suit can be great whether it is tailored for you or ready-made. However, the pricing and quality may vary between these two options. You may find that a ready-made salwar suit is much more suited in terms of budget and design than a tailored one or vice versa. The choice is entirely yours.


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