BRIDAL WEAR TRENDS for 2021 Weddings

In 2021 Pakistani wedding celebration has proven to us it is not all about fancy wedding dress. But also fashion. Fashion has been a key factor when choosing and designing the bridal dress. This year Pakistani bridal wear is more focused on fashion, unique personal style, and versatility. In 2021 there is no rule for trendy bridal dresses since they all happen to be gorgeous. This year you have an opportunity to choose beautiful Pakistani bridal wear since it all about fashion. Consider this article as a fashion guideline when it comes to trendy bridal dresses for the 2021 wedding.

Playful prints

In 2021 Pakistani weddings are now designed with bold and playful prints that enhance beauty. Playful print on a wedding dress is filled with utmost creativity that makes the wedding dress look like a work of art. A simple and flexible style that allows you to have fun with fashion and play with wedding dresses.

Mohsin Naveed Ranjha
Zainab Chottani

Off shoulders wedding dress

Off shoulders and backless wedding dress are good for an outdoor ceremony. This is a style that gives a bride two looks in one. It is designed to be worn in a different venue. This look is for the brides who are after fun and unique styles that can be worn multiples times. An off-shoulder wedding dress gives the body a romantic look with a poetic touch.

Shiza Hassan
Shiza Hassan

Bridal lehnga with a traditional fuse

Bridal lehnga is always at the core when designing the bridal dress. Designers are now fusing modern lehnga with traditional style to pull up a colourful and charming bridal dress. Colour Red is mandatory when choosing a bridal costume. For a bride to look attractive and appealing, designers are now fusing bridal lehnga with traditional colours like beige maroon, ivory, silver, and gold. There is a trend shift in bridal lehnga where long shirts are considered appropriate, because they give a full glamor look.

Zainab Chottani

For brides who want to look like a princess on the big day, these trendy dresses will allow you to achieve your goal.


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