6 Wardrobe Essentials For All The Shalwar Kurta Wearing Girls

No matter whatever the fashion trend is, Shalwar Kurta outfits are savage. Shalwar Kurta dresses are the most comfortable fashion clothing items that loos elegant and beautiful simply for all occasion types.

Shalwar Kurta is the most worn dress among Pakistani women regardless of women age, shape, occasion, color, religion.

So, for all the Desi Dress lovers, here is a list of Pakistani wear essentials that you should definitely have in your closet.

1. A Plain White Kurta

A comfortable Kurta is the essence of desi attire. A plain kurta that can be paired up with different clothing essentials and bright accessories or opt for a simple white kurta with which you can experiment with almost anything.

2. A long Ethnic Skirt

Fashion of skirts came in from pencil skirts and now it has driven to long ethnic skirt. Moreover, Several brands have an amazing collection of these pretty designed skirts which are a must buy. Also, you have amble amount of choices of styling them.

3. Desi Jhumkas

A pretty pair of jhumkas is to be owned by every brown girl. It is the most common jewelry accessory to Pakistani wear. These are the best accessory for a casual look of tee and jeans or with a shalwar kurta look. Not to mention, It screams Desi girl.

4. A Multi Colored Dupatta

A Phulkari or a multicolored dupatta can really brighten up a dull and simple outfit. In addition, by wearing a multicolored dupatta over a plain shalwar kurta can make you look glamorous and beautiful in a go.

5. A Plain Saari Blouse

It doesn’t matter that whether you wear a saree regularly or not but keeping a basic saree blouse in your wardrobe is a must. Keeping a plain black or white saaree blouse, you can mix and match it with almost anything – A lehnga, plazzo pants and any saaree!

6. A Pair of Khussas

This is a desi girl’s beginner essential. Khussa’s are the shoes of the Brown land – and honestly, they are timeless. A pair of Black or White khussas can go with anything and everything. We love how desi girl’s have gone far enough to pair them up with jeans and pants too – creating east-west fusion looks. If you’re a kurta shalwar girl – you need a pair! (Or maybe even a few).


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