How To Look Gorgeous In White Salwar Kameez

The white colour salwar kameez is an evergreen staple that has been dominating ethnic wear for decades. The white-on-white look is a cliché that needs some sprucing up. Below are stylish tips on you can keep up with the trends for your white salwar kameez.

Choose sheer fabrics

Lace or sheer fabrics with embroidery will give you the iconic English look. Pairing your white salwar kameez with lighter fabrics stick to the body, and they balance your glamour. Choosing the right fabric is key since it helps you flaunt those curves and embellishes your white look.

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Accessorize your white salwar suit

Nothing makes the white salwar kameez more amazing than silver and multi-colour accessories. Accessories draw attention, and this makes the white salwar kameez blend together with your outfit.


Pair with strong hues

To look sensational, wear a neon color inner with your transparent white Kurta. Strong hues create an illusion that makes the boring to white to be fun looking at. Also, it conceals the white colour and focuses on the wearer’s body parts.

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Don it with a Batik print

If you have a thing for experimenting, then the Batik print or Kalamkari overcoat is the perfect addition to your white dress. It allows you to try different looks using the same outfit, and it is fun to try it out.

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Mix it up with digital prints

The white outfit can be tedious, and to break the monotony is pairing your white Kurta with prints. Prints play a key role in how you look, and they can make you look gorgeous. Prints make you more elegant and they are equally responsible for drawing attention.


There is no rule on how to look gorgeous in your white salwar kameez. Style it up with the above handy tips.


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