Fall Into Fall With these 6 Essentials For An Autumn Capsule Closet

Autumn is just around the corner we’re all here for it. The weather change really does trigger laziness and reclusive moods in us sometimes BUT it also triggers our inner fashionista!

Fall trends are the best and there’s no denying that Autumn wardrobes are the Years most stylish.

 So if you haven’t already turned over a new leaf, we’re here to help you essential your wardrobe this Season.

Continuing with our theme of helping you to find the outfits you are looking for – we’ve put together a quick rundown of Fall trends that will hopefully give you almost everything you need to look Amazing!

1. A Plain White Kameez

Always be sure to iron every wrinkle out so that your Kameez looks crisp. You can pair a white kameez with anything – be it Colored Pants, A Cardigan, A Printed Scarf –

White will always be versatile.

Whether you prefer a collared formal style shirt or a short fusion kurta, you’ll need this classic go-to.

Here’s our pick!

2. Formal Black Pants

Power suits are trending and make just about anyone look good. Like a white shirt, Black pants go with just everything. You’ll be using these all year round.

Sapphire’s Pants never disappoint.

3. A Shawl

We all have shawls we nicked from our mom’s closets and pretended to be mom – so shawls and us go way back.

Shawls make an elegant accessory with plain colored Kurtis or fusion outfits. They’ve always been super underrated. Ya’ll need one, or five.

Once you’re a shawl person, there’s no going back.

If you’re looking for one Abroad, this store delivers high quality to your doorstep:

4. A Blazer

Pair this with Plain White or Black Shalwar Kameez and you’re a millionaire.

Nuff said.

5. A Dark Wash Denim

The color of your denim can make all the difference. If you lighter tones, wear lighter denim or if you like darker tones, wear darker denim. It’s all about constructing a cohesive palette.

6. A Black Dress

If you opt for a more feminine/covered look then a black dress is ideal for your wardrobe. It’s best to pick materials tailored for Fall and Winter.

Also, if you throw in the right shoes and accessories – you can wear this formally and informally!

You’ll find a variety of dresses here :

And there you have it, our list of Fall essentials. So sip on your Pumpkin Spice and Follow us on Instagram to keep us posted on your favorite Fashion Tips and Tricks to be featured!


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