The Latest Ways To Wear Patiala Salwar Looks

Patiala salwars have been popular with Middle Eastern states since the beggining of time. It is not only traditionally worn in Pakistan, but also in India, and Bangladesh.

So the Patiala salwar is a type of salwar with thick prominent pleats. Compared to a normal salwar, the patiala is more flowy. It is traditionally worn with short kameez and a long dupatta.

Women of the East are obsessed with this style of salwar. It has also captured the interest of some major designers this season – so you’ll definitely find some desi and classy dresses with Patiala salwars this time around. They are also pretty big in Egypt and Turkey who wear the salwar in distinct styles and tops. Different variations of the salwar like tulip and dhoti salwar have also been featured in many pakistani designer collection, but nothing beats the classic Patiala shalwar!

Patiala suits are the best representation of ethnicity and you can wear them with sophisticated and modern looks aswell.

We’re going to show you how.

The article is going to cover the most fantastic outfit ideas with Patiala salwars.

But before that, here are some Patiala Salwar Tips for some inspiration :

  • Don’t be afriad to mix up prints – but if you are wearing a printed Patiala salwar with a printed kameez, but make sure that the prints complement one another and aren’t totally unalike.
  • If you instead want to go for a formal look, opt for a plain Patiala salwar with an embellished top or dupatta. Not an embellished salwar and a plain top and dupatta. That too could be done, but doesn’t stand out as much,
  • If you want a Patiala shalwar to look flowy and formal, go for soft shiny silk fabric because it has the best fall – and it is comfortable to wear too!
  • If you’re worried about fitting and size, get your salwar tailor-made so it does not look bulky and the folds are not irregualar.

1. All Black Look

Thus one is everyone’s all time fav. It can be done casually, as well as formally. You can always add a pop of color with a red dupatta – or any other shade for that matter.

2. The Festive Look

While most people consider Patiala shalwars to be more appropriate for casual, Maira Khan proved otherwise when she wore a this gorgeous red and golden yellow Salwar Kameez outfit for a recent Turkish commercial. How cool would this look on a Mendi ceremony or Eid? We can’t wait to give this look a try.

3. The Monochrome Look

Monochrome colors looks great with Patiala shalwars! A black, white or gray patiala salwar paired with red, pink or even blue kameez would look super cute – especially in the summer. You’ll see monochromed looks in several Pakistani Brand collections.

4. The Printed Look

Printed Patiala pants are a big thing in the summer, as well as Spring. These can be paired with t-shirts too for a casual homey look. Wear them with flat sandals or wedge heels. But if you want to go for a more western look – a short full sleeved blouse would look chic.

5. The Velvet Look

Patiala suits in velvet make a perfect choice for a trendy attire in the winter. The fresh dark colors are great for formal wear.

6. The Frock Look

A short stylish frock is a perfect option if you want to try something different with your Patiala shalwar. A little embroidery or a slit cut would further enhance the look.

7. The Western Look

If you are looking for a western look then you can add a little innovation to your Patiala pants and go for cute Tank tops. Wear it with strappy sandals or gladiator heels.

8. The Peplum Look

Peplum Patiala outfits are quite popular for weddings and formal occasions. A beautiful peplum top with an airline cut or even a fitted peplum with a embroidery, paired with a Patiala shalwar makes for a striking look!

9. The Long Coat Look

Floral long coats look classy and trendy with solid Patiala bottoms. Add pastel colors and heels or even khussas to enhance the appearance.


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