Unique Necklines For Your Kameez

The Neckline for your Kameez matters just as much as the Kameez itself. It brings about the overall outlook of a Kurti and is the first thing that a viewer notices on your outfit.

What makes one Kameez look different from the other, is the neckline. With these pretty and most popular necklines, you are sure to get some inspo on the kinds of Kurtas you want. We’re here to guide you on what neckline goes best with what kind of Kameez.

1. Flapped

The flapped down neckline is another classic that we have seen around since we were little girls. This neckline is a great alternative to the basic collar – but instead the collar is flapped upside down. You can pair this neckline with great neck jewelry or earrings. You can even let it work it’s magic all on its own. The possibilities are endless with this timeless piece!

2. Peter Pan

This neckline is inspired from the West, and gives your outfits a very refined and modern look. It looks great with an A line Kameez and you can wear it with tights or cigarette pants instead of shalwars. To keep the charm of your neckline, avoid wearing jewelry or pendants, as this neckline doesn’t need them.

3. Sealed

The sealed neckline covers up the bottom of the neck. It goes best and most stylishly with a shorter Kameez or a fusion top. The sealed neckline makes you look petite and graceful. We suggest you wear them more boldly with a dupatta on your shoulder than on your neck so it doesn’t conceal the look.

4. Key hole

The Keyhole is the neckline that has existed since the ’90s. It is a timeless neckline for women as they still prefer for their clothing. It gives the basic circular neckline a nice twist and allows you to show off more skin in an elegant way.

5. Turtle

This neckline is perfect for women with longer necks! This neckline can be used if you don’t like showing off too much skin, or any skin at all, but still want to look classy. This is super fashionable for winter attire.

6. Sundial

This neckline can make your outfit stand out. This suits textiles of silk and chiffon much better than solids like cotton. This neckline might be a little tricky to make but it will be definitely worth it if you choose it for a formal look.

7. Assymetrical

For this design, you have to make your Kurti like a coat, with two flaps that overlap each other and are connected by strings on top to give the illusion of them being attached solely by those strings. This casual as well as formal neckline is unique and uncommon.

8. Illusion Look

The illusion neckline has a net or lace segment attached to the bodice of a Kuameez. It looks like a neckline because it covers up the shoulders in that way. It gives an elegant and attractive look to every outfit in a very subtle and elegant way.

9. Cowl

A Cowl neck is a type of neckline that is made by draping the cloth into pleats. It was originally used in winter wear and western ensembles to cover up the neck like a scarf. However, make sure the fabric is flowy like rayon or chiffon to get the right shape.

10. Piping

Fresh in trend and design are these most stylish piping placket neckline in salwars. This pattern is interesting with contrast colored piping over the neck giving a slight hint of sensuality. You can choose to keep the buttons operational or go for a faux button panel for added style.


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