Unique Textile Prints in Shalwar Kameez You Probably Never Knew Existed

Desi People wear Traditional Prints in shalwar kameez because its more than just a Custom.

It represents our culture and identity. It represents who we are as people. It helps in preserve our traditions from the olden times. (Not to mention that and wearing them also lifts our patriotic spirits).

Pakistan has an array of unique textile prints that you won’t find anywhere else in the World. Nowadays, these unique Textile prints and embroideries are no longer limited to just ethnic wear. They have also been fused into formal, modern and western clothing.

Here is a run down of everything you need to know about Pakistan’s exquisite and totally exclusive Textile Prints that every patriot and desi lad and lassie should own :

1. The Dabu Print

The Dabu Print is an ancient hand made block printing technique. Originally, it was founded in Rajasthan, before the Partition era. This block printing technique is totally unique because it uses a mud-resist mechanism to make the colors last longer. Not everyone knew how to use this technique apart from the talented Pakistani artisans.

2. Batik Print

You have probably heard of this one before. Batik Prints are well known in the western world as well. It originated from Indonesia but was mostly adopted and remade in Pakistan and India. This unique textile print for shalwar kameez makes use of wax and dye to form beautiful patterns on fabrics such as silk and cotton. In the West, it is commonly seen on skirts, dresses and flowy outfits.

3. Qalamkari Print

‘Qalam’ means ‘Pen’ in Urdu. So the Qalamkari prints are hand made, pen drawn patterns on solid textiles like cotton. The pen used is made of natural dyes. This print has a super bohemian vibe to it. So if your’e a boho girl, this one is for you. This print is commonly found on Sarees and Shawls.

4. Bandhani Print

Another name for this print is the Bandhej. This is very similar to tie and dye prints. This one originated from Gujrat and was founded by the Indians. Nowadays, it is worn elegantly onto sarees, shalwar kameez and summer dresses but back in the olden days it was very common on head turbans. How cool is that?

5. Ralli Print

Ralli work was founded in Sindh, Pakistan by the Muslim gypsy tribes. This print is usually found in the form of patchwork, applique, and embroidery. The designs of this print are very asymmetrical and geometrical. In Pakistan, they are popularly seen on bed sheets,table cloths and winter quilts. Top Pakistani Brands like Generation are obsessed with the Ralli.

6. Phulkari Print

Phulkari is a beautiful folk art design. The embroidery included in it is unique. Basically, the thread work and stitches are embroidered on the flipside of the fabric which makes the design appear in the front (backwards). Major designer ‘Taana Baana’ introduced a whole collection based on Phulkari. Check out these two black and blue salwar kameez outfits with Phulkari dupattas.

You can also wear Phulkari on Pants with a top of any color you like. The word phulkari comes from the Urdu word ‘phul’ – which means flower. So Phulkari (Flower work) was originally used to make floral pattherns, much silimar to these pants.

So are you gonna try these fabulous prints? Let us know in the comments if you had heard of them before!


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