The Power Of Red : 10 Trendy Ways To Wear This Color Under 80£

Red really does look good on everyone! It signifies Power, Beauty, and Confidence.

Whether you’re choosing lipstick or a red outfit, it makes you feel happy and adventurous. If you feel like making a statement, this is the color to wear. It is one of the most boldest and popular shades out there because of how flattering it can be.

Apart from signifying confidence and power, wearing red is also a way to get noticed. Experts have said, “When woman wear red they often want to be noticed and seen. It can make you appear more attractive– it’s very sensual.”

When you’re in public, everyone spots the “lady in red.”  She is hard to miss! From a wedding to a dinner party, women wearing red are noticed.  Also, wearing red doesn’t only affect the way people see us, it also impacts how they interpret our personality.

But seriously though, colors really do speak personalities!

For me, red is a closet essential.

You know what they say – “When in doubt, Wear RED.

And that is exactly what I have always done! I have more pairs of red clothing than I care to think about, and I wear them so often I consider them almost as a ‘neutral’, as strange as that might sound. But i am not writing this blog because it is my favorite color – but to give you ladies a little help with choosing the red outfit you’ve been looking for.

You might have heard about a little theory known as the ‘Red Dress effect’. Fire trucks are painted red, and all the red traffic signals make you Stop – Yes, Red is a show stopper. So if you didn’t come here looking for a red outfit, I suggest you give it a try, and see where it goes for you.

We’ve linked all these Gorgeous Red outfits to where you can find them, so you can shop your favorite one! They range over a diverse price margin as well, so you can find one suited to your occasion, without breaking the bank.

1. LXM Red Chiffon Outfit

Price : 51.90 pound sterling

2. Mannat Clothing’s Deep Red Frock

Price : From 15 Pounds to 20 Pounds

3. Saad Ibrahim’s Wide Range of Red Outfits in his Formal Collection

This ones our Favorite!

Price : 58 Pounds

4. Baroque’s ‘Victorian Queen’ Outfit

Price : 37.43 Pounds

5. Lylac By Maheen’s Range of Maxi Dresses

Price : 32.80 Pounds

Now Shipping Worldwide!

6. Nishat Linen’s Fall Collection Red Angrakha

Price : 65 Pounds

7. Mahum Asad’s ‘Nureh’ Article from Its Luxury Pret Collection

Price : 58.5 Pounds

8. The ‘Mila Set’ from LeonOfficial

The Perfect Minimalistic, yet sophisticated, Kameez and Pant set for a Semi formal occasion.

Price : 35.14 Pounds

They have Worldwide Shipping!

9. Nuqsh-e-Qamar’s Red Gota Outfit

Price : 16.40 Pounds

You can easily go overboard with red, if it is paired with other bright colors. The high contrast can make you look too dramatic ; Think of a Christmas tree – green and red. Or a mustard yellow like this one :

10. WalijahOfficial’s Bold Red Kurta Look

Price : 65.69 Pounds

World Wide Shipping Available!

11. Areeba Habib’s Red Mala Outfit

This decadent outfit is now on Sale, so grab yours!

Price : 28.11 Pounds

12. Rukh Designs Georgette Red laced Outfit from their Eid Collection

They are now Shipping to the UK, and the USA.

Price : 60 Pounds

12. Zaaviay’s Elegant ‘Jhumar’ Outfit from their Formal Collection

Price : 70.28 Pounds

Worldwide Shipping available.


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