Styling Tips For Men & The Lowdown On The Best Brands To Shop For Formal wear

I think most of the Pakistani men have a really good dress sense. (At least, they don’t wear boxer shorts, sweat pants or Travis Scott kinda low waist pants in public).

Our men wear the Classic Salwar Kameez!

And there’s nothing more attractive than a man who knows how to carry a classy, formal, solid pair of Kurta Salwar.

Unless Gaandhi is your fashion icon and the dhoti is your comfort zone, I think you’re doing pretty much alright with your clothing choices. You can never go wrong with Eastern clothing! Throw in a waist coat, some loafers or even a blazer on top of a Salwar Kameez suit – AND BOOM.

Your’e look like a Groom on his Shaadi.

However, there is always room for improvement as to how we can carry the perfect formal outfit. Here are some Style-expert tips all Fashion conscious men should note :

  • Shiny fabrics may not be for everyone or for every event. The matte and solid colors always look the classiest and will be useful for several occasions.
  • Always wear clothes that fit you right, regardless of your body shape. NEVER go one size bigger. If you’re a medium, get a regular fit – not a large. If your’e a small, get a slim fit. And If you’re a large, do not get an extra large. Not too loose and not too tight. Similarly, a baggy t-shirt will only make you look bigger, and if you have skinny legs, a skinny jeans won’t do you any good.
  • The color of your belt and shoes should be the same. This also applies to belt with prints and patterns.
  • Buy a nice fragrance.
  • Finally, stay groomed. Find the look that works for you! This includes keeping your hair and beard neat.

Finally, if you’re a woman looking to shop for your husband or your brother – I totally get the struggle.

Shopping for the men in our lives can be a real challenge. Often we find ourselves rushing to Malls to the very last minute, not knowing where we’ll find something they’ll like.

‘Winging it’ only causes extra stress and makes for some poor decision making at the end of the day. Good planning, and knowing where you’ll get what you’re looking for saves time, money and the hair loss.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you haven’t gone out shopping yet, surf through this list and get a little inspo before you head out!

The following Brands have been selected by none other than YOU GUYS! Based on customer reviews, ratings and preferences – here’s the Lock-down for the Top places to shop for Men’s clothing.

1. Amir Adnan

 If he likes embroidery and a little dazzle on his clothes – he will love Amir Adnan.

2. Arsalan Iqbal

He truly knows how to add a touch of classiness to his designs. His outfits will range from minimalist cuts to bold and outrageous pieces.

3. Bareeze Man

Classic, Plain and Simple – the perfect place for everyday outfits and formal ones. A little steep on pricing but they always have the right colors, materials and styles.

4. Humayun Alamgir

This Designer is the buzz of Karachi and a Celebrity favorite! In contrast to Amir Adnan, this Brand focuses very little on embroideries and more emphasis on styling, cuts and details.

5. Shahnameh

With its high quality fabrics, focus to details and subtle designs, Shahnameh is definitely a Power house of mens wear.

6. Jaazib Qamar

Three words,

Fancy. Fancy and Fancy.

Jazib Qamar is eccentric and breaks all the rules. His men’s wear line is perfect for those looking for bold, artistic runway looks.

7. Junaid Jamshed

A longtern family favorite and everyones go-to for Eid Shopping and present picking.

8. Munib Nawaz

They use mostly primary colors and keep embellishments to the minimal. Their prints however, are classic and intricate. You’ll catch quite a few politicians rocking their collections.

9. Almirah

Almirah has elegant, fine quality and high end fabrics. This ones a ‘wedding season’ favorite.

10. Rici Melion

This Brand recently entered the spotlight, soon after designing for the Prime minister and the Pakistani cricket team. They offer top notch grooms wear and formal wear and that too with customized stitching and fittings.


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