Quarantine Fashion Trends : Pretty, Affordable & luxury face masks

Brands all over the World are making face masks. International designers like Gucci & Louis Vuitton are on this list too!

However, the purpose of this is not to make the availability of masks expensive or make people Brand conscious with their choice of masks. The purpose is to help set a Trend! (One that is important to follow too!)

If you look at it this way, Brand’s are making Covid 19 SOP’s more aesthetic to follow. These masks are sustainable, stylish, breathable and environmentally friendly.

No one really saw Covid 19 coming, and Fashion is always unpredictable so why not Quarantine with Style? Pakistanis are rocking designer masks!

We hope everyone continues to follow SOPs regardless of the Lockdown ease. Also, It is totally okay to want to look cool and hip during this time!

Here are some Pakistani Brands selling their own masks :

1. Shehla Chatoor’s Gorgeous Luxury Wedding Edition Masks

2. Khaadi’s Edgy Statement Masks

3. Huma Adnan’s Formal and Casual Artsy Masks

4. Generation’s Vivid And Aesthetic Printed Masks

5. Raastah’s Retro Traditional Masks

6. So Kamal’s Matching Masks With Summer Lawn

7. AlKaram’s Solid Plain Masks

8. Ali Xeeshan’s Bold Face Mask

Yikes to the last one though.


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