Trend Alert: Kids Boys Shalwar Kameez Tips & Styles

The quintessential salwar kameez is a popular attire worn by both men and women. Boys have not also been left behind and they flaunt the salwar kameez looking stylish and still keeping their masculine allure. Boys’ salwar suits have their color combinations, styling and fit, this does not compromise their glamorous and elegance.

Here are tips that will come in handy when choosing your boy’s salwar suit.

Pick solid-colored salwar kameez suits for small events

Muted and sober colors are common in men’s salwar outfits. Colors like grey, white, pastels and black are the most preferred.


Make sure the kurta fits well

You don’t want your little man to drown in his attire. Make sure the kurta seamlessly fits the boy and this will complement his salwar. A well-fitting kurta reveals the shape of the boy.

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Pair your boy’s salwar kameez with a jacket style

A jacket-style suit will not only make your salwar kameez look grand but also trendy and fashionable. The jacket style makes the salwar kameez suit complete and voguish.

Choose minimal embellishments

Do not be too extra and have embellishments all over the salwar suit for your boy. When embellishments such as beads and pearls are kept to a minimum, they will help foster the look of the salwar kameez.

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Boys shalwar kameez styles

There are many styles you can choose for but here are a few top trends:

Waistcoat boys salwar kameez

You can revamp the look of a salwar kameez by customizing a waistcoat of contrasting colors. The waistcoat will give the shalwar kameez a modern touch without tarnishing its authenticity. The coat can also be embroidered with different designs, cuts and patterns. Pairing a waistcoat and a salwar kameez makes a very elegant and regal appearance.

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Embroidered salwar kurta for boys

This style is a rage among both boys and men. It is the perfect outfit for any occasion or festivities. Any boy’s simple salwar kameez can be transformed into a masterpiece with simple embroidery around the collars and cuffs. This outfit has a floral design that is perfectly okay with boys.

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Plain black salwar kameez.

This is one of the most classic outfits to be worn on any occasion. It looks exquisite, can be experimented with different hues of black to nail this look. Though it might be difficult to rock it on a sunny day, your boy will look fabulous in this salwar kameez.

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The above tips will go a long way to ensure that your kid looks trendy as well as bring out their masculinity. You will also choose their perfect fit salwar kameez without much of the hustle and bustle.


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