‘Classic Salwar Kameez’ Suits From Our Favorite Pakistani Clothing Brands

Fashion is inspirational and trends are always changing.

However, with Eastern wear, no matter how much civilization progresses, core tradition remains firm in Pakistan.

That core tradition, is none other than The Salwar Kameez.

‘Shalwar Kameez’ is the native dress of the country is a major example of a tradition that remains timeless. It is so much more than just a choice of dressing! It is a household staple, a lifestyle and a way of life that several men and women fall back on.

In conclusion, the suit knows no boundaries!

It comes in countless ‘personalities’ – whether you want to look chic, casual, elegant, modest or even outgoing. The Salwar suit also comes in all styles, colors and prints.

The versatile nature of this outfit makes it perfect for any occasion, any time and any where – be it at work, at home, a party or just a casual outing with friends and family.

This time around, Salwar Kameez is surely not old-school fashion. Men and Women are styling their outfits all so modernly – and now, You can do it too!

Check out these Classic Salwar Kameez Looks by some of Pakistan’s Top Brands 2020 :

1. Iris the Luxe Studio

Add glamour and sparkle to your life with Iris’s unique ethnic pret collection. They ship Worldwide.

Add glamour and sparkle to your life with our exotic pret collection.
Image source : Instagram/Iristheluxestudio

2. Sammy. K

Sammy K’s three lines, everyday wear, semi-formal/party wear and formal wear depict the sort of comfort and style that would be easy to pick and wear for any occasion. This small scale business is the new buzz in Karachi!

Image source : Facebook/SammyK

3. The Brown

Go minimal but stay trendy with this RTW Basic Shop!

4. Ethnic

Elegant, Classy, Modern and Truly Ethnic. If you haven’t shopped here, your’e missing out.

5. Generation

Generation is still Pakistan’s Pioneering Ready-to-Wear Womenswear Brand. It Established in 1983, and they are still Top Notch.

Image source: Generation

6. Khaadi

If you’re looking for Comfortable, Versatile and Bold Colors – Khaadi is for you.

Image source: Beechtree

8. Kayseria

Kayseria’s vast variety and high quality clothing is what makes it Pakistani Women’s choice.

Image source: Kayseria

9. Manto

No one does the ‘Original’ Shalwar Kameez look better than Manto. Manto will reduce the decision fatigue involved with shopping by bringing you comfort and personality.

Image source : ShopManto

10. Bonanza Satrangi

We love how convenient Bonanza is – you’ll find the Salwar, the Dupatta and the Kameez all together in one or even separately.

Image Source : BonanzaSatrangi

Which one is your favorite? Let us know on Instagram!


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