Top 7 White Shalwar Kameez Styles For Women

White shalwar kameez is the epitome of grace and elegance. The color white is like a perfect blank canvas to show off colored needlework, embellishments and embroidery. This is why angelic white shalwar kameez has stayed in fashion for so long. The color is truly a symbol of purity.

White shalwar kameez has a special place in the heart of us Pakistanis. When it comes to the traditional clothing,a white shalwar suit is the go-to for several occasions – for both genders. Whether its your wedding, someone else’s wedding, Eid, a hot summer day, a dinner party and what not! White shalwar kameez has the capacity to absorb various fashion-centered innovations.

One of the most admirable attributes of a white shalwar suit is that there are absolutely no restraints. White shalwar kameez can we worn in any season while just playing with the fabric (cotton in summer or khaddar in winter). There’s no age-limit either – white looks good on everyone! But, if you think white really isn’t your colour – we hope after getting some style tips from this article, you might give white another go!

Here are the best ways to wear white shalwar Kameez for women :

1. The Correct Length

The length of Kameez should not be too long or too short. One can wear knee-length Kameez with a simple Shalwar or a tulip shalwar. Tulip shalwars give an extra flair with white shalwar kameez. Tulip shalwars look extra fashionable with some ankle jewelry to go with it! However, if you’re wearing Patiala shalwar, then a short shirt is the right way to go.

2. A Contrast Dupatta

Nowadays, a dupatta with Shalwar Kameez has become optional, especially with Kurta style Kameez. Wearing colored dupattas with white is also one of the latest trends. If the dupatta isnt coloured, a contrast material looks fashionable as well – such as an organza or chiffon dupatta with linen or cotton shalwar kameez. A printed dupatta with a plain white Kameez looks gorgeous as well.

3. Complementary Colors

Although everything goes with white (obviously) – we do believe that certain underrated colors like yellow or bright attractive colors like red look spectacular when paired with white shalwar kameez. You can incorporate them in your outfit as a dupatta or in your shoes or handbags. Red and Yellow are also the new hype of 2021.

4. White And Gold

The color white is elevated when paired with attractive golden embrodiery. Gold and white has become a common wedding dress combination this year too. You can further only by bordering the kameez with the intricate design of lace, giving it the perfect traditional finish. A combination of white and gold also allows you to play with accessories like wearing gold bangles earring and rings.

5. White With Colored Embroidery

White or off-white shalwar kameez with colored embroidery around the neckline is a classy and timeless look. It looks even more fashionable, when the embroidery is traditional or handmade. If you wear this to a Mehndi function, you’re definitely going to make a statement. The best part is, you can pair this one with a similar white dupatta – because the colored embroidery is sufficient to add some spark on its own.

6. With Bright Khussas

To get the essence of the angelic and euphoric white, wear some high-quality leather or velvet khussas to elevate your whole outfit. Vivid, bright khussas look super eye catching but if you’re going for a more subtle look, Ayeza Khan set a serious trend when she wore white on white with her whole outfit. White khussas look majestic.

7. With A Contrast Shalwar

This one isn’t as hard to pull off as you think. Maira Khan paired a short white kameez with a parrot green shalwar and dupatta and truly made a style statement. You can always be extra and try to add a bit more jewelry to it like colored bangles and jhumkas. This would be a unique look to go for on a mehndi, mayun or dholki.


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