Tips for choosing the right salwar kameez suit in summers

Summer season is hot and when choosing your salwar kameez you need to take every possible step to curb the heat. Given the traditions, women have to stick to their salwar kameez which looks great and there are a lot of varieties available in this outfit. Here are the top tips to help you choose the right salwar kameez suit for summer.

Comfortable fit

This is not the time for fitted garments, though they might enhance your body figure they won’t keep you comfortable. For a summer look, opt for designer salwar kameez that will give you a comfortable look so that you can stay relaxed throughout the day. When you leave a little room for comfort the dress will be breathable and airy making you not feel the heat of the summer season.

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Light fabric.

Rule 101 for choosing a salwar suit for summer is light fabric. Light fabrics such as linen, cotton, satin and silk are easy to handle. These soft fabrics will not only enhance your body to perspire comfortably but will make it easy for your to cool down. Cotton is the perfect fabric for summer because of its relaxing texture and comforting nature that easily absorbs sweat. It also helps to keep the body dry and relieves the wearer of the need to constantly wipe their sweat.

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Choose light colors

Colors like light pink, peach, yellow and its tints, orange, off-white and white are the colors for winter. These colors help in reflecting the sun’s rays and thus make it easier for the body to withstand the heat of summer. Since the season is majorly spent while outdoors, these light hues highlight the wearer and make them suave.
Stay minimalist. At all costs avoid heavily embroidered or embellished salwar kameez since it would be difficult to carry around all day. Go for minimalistic embroidery for an elegant summer look.

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The above requirements of the outfit must be considered when buying your suit for the summer.


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