Latest Frock Style Dresses For Women in 2020

Latest Frock Designs. Frocks have always remained under the radar in the Asian world. The trend is largely popular in Pakistan as well. Frock Style dresses are worn on festive occasions like Eid, Weddings, Party’s and even casually, as every day comfort wear.

Since fashion trends are always changing and evolving, frock style dresses too, have also been restyled an modified, but they never an outdated fashion. You can always spark up the creativity inside you,accessorizing like a pro by to mixing and matching the right color combinations, shoes an dupattas with your old frocks to create whole new looks.

Anyone can carry a frock style dresses, but when you styled it perfectly and carry it right, no ensemble looks more elegant. Every girl wants to want to wear her frock outfit effortlessly and look attractive, here are some frock designs and style tips to help you decide some frock looks!

1. Floral Dresses For Casual Wear

If you’re looking for the best way to wear a frock casually or even in a semi-formal manner, a floral print frock is a classy choice. It is fine if you don’t want to restrain yourself to just floral prints and would want to go for other leafy, block print styles also. However, make a wise choice with the print Avoid wearing neon pungent colors or stripes and circle prints because it could make lead to a fashion disaster. A-line frocks are a great choice for casual wear and give an affect of looking tall as well. Throw in some sleek dangling earrings to add to the elegance! When wearing floral prints, your accessories should match color scheme of your clothes. However, gold and silver jewelry are always the best option.

Kubra Khan
Kate midleton dress
Dutchess of Cambridge

2. Monochrome Frocks For Night Weddings

The right monochrome frock style can make you look like a Disney princesses. It is also the most common of the frock style dresses worn in Pakistan. Always choose a solid material for this one – such as raw silk. If you want to make it a bit more formal, you can wear this look with a heavy dupatta, a contrast color or even fancy jewelry. Also, solid textiles can make you feel bulky, so don’t be afraid to throw in a belt to give an illusion of a slim waist.

AikAtlier 2020 Collection
AikAtlier 2020 Collection

3. Pastel Dresses For Morning Weddings

Pastel colors are perfect for those going for a graceful look for a ay light event. Moreover, such frocks and dresses are perfect for summer weddings because they are light to the eye. Don’t forget to wear some pearl jewelry with it and as far as the footwear, fancy khussas, nude heels or a strappy sandal would be stunning.

Mahum Asad 2020 Collection
Mahum Asad 2020 Collection

4. Velvet Maxi For Winter Events

A gorgeous Velvet maxi is radiant look for Winter. Don’t go fora heavy makeup look to match the velvet hues of your dress. For shoes, match a fancy pair of golden heels or even matching velvet khussas. If you’re looking for some standout jewelry, look here.

Garnet clothing
Garnet 2020 Collection

5. Frock Style With Coat For A Punjabi Look

Wear your frock with a punjabi twist by adding a coat in combination with your frock for a more dramatic look. Coats look best with full-length dresses. The coats could be embroidered with monochrome frocks.

Batik 2020 Collection

6. Mirror work For Eid

Mirror work is back in fashion this year and is seen on almost every ethnic wear. These frocks go amazing with Kundan jewelry sets as well. This look would be perfect for Eid , a wedding or an ourdoor garden party. Imagine the mirrors glistening to the reflection of the light. Pair mirror embelished clothing with mirror bangles for an extra flair.

Saad Ismail design studio

7. Ombre Frocks For Work wear

If you’re looking for what to do with your old plain frocks, why not Ombre dye them. Ombre gives a sophisticated look and looks great with sandals and flats. Ombre has been the rage of 2020 Summer fashion. The best part is, that you could tie-dye at home too, it’s that easy! Or get it done professionally too, of course. Ombre dresses are unique and will make you stand out for sure. Pair your ombre dress with a matching ombre dupatta to give the full effect of this look.


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