Dupatta Styles : The Do’s and Don’ts of carrying a Designer Dupatta

Let’s take it from the style mavens themselves, Nomi Ansari for instance. If you look at their Latest fashion catalogs, they use dupatta styles in the most flattering way possible.

Ever noticed how models in most designer shoots are shown with their dupattas flowing in the air like delicate feathers and priceless pieces of art? I know we’re not strutting down a runway or shooting a magazine spread – but we all deserve to know how to flaunt the best dupatta styles.

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Dupatta wearing :

1. Do : Regal Dupatta Styles

When you’re totally dressed up and wearing a heavy, formal three-piece outfit, one of the best dupatta styles is throwing it over one shoulder and resting the other end in the elbow crevice of the other arm. You could also opt for this style when you’re looking for ways to carry a dupatta on your own wedding.

Mehndi Dupatta

2. Dont : Classic Front Drape

Spreading the dupatta over both shoulders is one of those dupatta styles that are done and dusted. This style works well if the dupatta has a lot of detailing, so the attention is drawn towards the dupatta detailing. But in 2020, this style has outdated itself – and could even look tacky.

3. Do : Belted Dupatta Styles

A belt tends to add that extra glam to your over all look. Add a waist belt to secure your dupatta in place. It also makes carrying a dupatta completely effortless. The belt also gives off a hint of modernity and looks amazing with lehnga outfits!

4. Dont : The Shrug

This looks like a twist to the belted look but isn’t as flattery when it goes around the back of your beck. If you can pull this off, why not.

5. Do : Backward Draping

If you cant be bothered with an accessory, don’t give up on dupattas just like that because this style is just for you. The dupatta doesn’t come in your way!

6. Dont : Saaree Style

This style isn’t common but used to be once upon a time in Gujrat, India. We think one dupatta is good enough though.

dupatta styles

7. Do: The Side Cowl

We love this one from all the simple and elegant draping dupatta styles. You achieve this one by pinning it loose on one shoulder shorter than equal on both sides and then take the edge to the other side, holding it on the wrists. This shows off the dupatta so well!

8. Dont : The V Neck Front Drape

I believe this one is considered unconventional for brides – but at one time, the front draped dupatta style was the go-to approach for women wanting to flaunt their dupattas more than their outfits. Also, it helps conceal larger tummies.

traditional dupatta


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