5 Untold Ways to style up your white salwar kameez

The salwar kameez has undergone a sea change in elegance and style over time. Thanks to todays’ designers that you can don your white salwar kameez suit and decode any style. With flawless perfection, you can style up your white salwar kameez and look fashionable. Here are 5 untold ways to style up your white salwar kameez.


Pair your white salwar kameez with an ethnic jacket

Not only do ethnic jackets look trendy but they also look fabulous. Ethnic jackets can take your look to a whole new level and breathe new life into your style. Ethnic jackets come in a handful of different styles. One sure thing is when paired with your white salwar kameez you will create a vibrant look.


Choose the trendy cuts

Salwar kameez trendy cuts have been transformed from a straight cut to various cuts. Some of the fashionable trendy cuts for your white salwar kameez include dhoti cut, front slits, one side slit, side slits, etc. When you flaunt a white designer cut salwar kameez suit elegance and phenomenal grace will be a part of your look.

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Select a stunning dupatta

A matching printed dupatta will help you don your white salwar kameez for any occasion and still look glamorous. A stunning dupatta with great detailing, embroidery works, embellishments and prints will give your white salwar kameez a fusion look. Also, you can use your stunning dupatta to add a class of dash to your white salwar kameez suit.


Be it a watch, sunglasses, artificial jewellery, caps or even earrings, they will do it for your kameez suit. To create a fresh look for your salwar kameez you can try pairing it with accessories of soothing colors. These include yellow, ink blue and olive green. The contrasting shades against your white kameez will create a vibrant and beautiful look.

Try different bottom styles

Different bottom salwar styles can be paired with your white salwar kameez. These are the latest trend for women of all ages as they help women keep their quintessential essence of grace while looking fashionable. There is a myriad of bottom styles to choose from including capris and palazzos which when paired with your kameez suit will recreate liquid fashion.

Final thoughts

The above styling tips will perk up your glam quotient and have you look fabulous when you don your white salwar kameez. With no rules on how you are supposed to rock your white salwar kameez. You can make a solid and stylish statement when you flaunt your minimalist outfit white salwar kameez.


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