Latest Wedding Looks For The Dulha Or The Brides Brother

It is to control your excitement when your cousin/sibling is getting married or when its your own wedding – especially when it comes to what you’re gonna wear. When you’re the host, you have to be front and center all the time and for that, dressing up in the Latest wedding looks is a necessity!

Are you struggling to decide what you will wear to your wedding or your at sister’s/ brother’s? Well, you have done an excellent job to reach us. Now, relax and let us do what we are best at sorting thing for you. Here are the latest wedding looks for men that will help you decide what to wear and how to stand out.

Prince Suit

This kind of outfit has set the latest wedding looks for men on fire. It’s rage. It is a perfect combination of contemporary and traditional menswear dress. Also, it is so easy to pull-off for just about anyone. A closed neck prince suit will make you look like a prince – it actually will.

2. A Floral Sherwani

Sherwani’s is the first outfit that crosses your mind when you think of your wedding attire. It’s simple, tradtional, easy to pick, and lots of Brands have alot of variety. It’s cool of you want to take the traditional route – But, a fantastic option would be a floral, royal sherwani. These looks are so unique!

3. Nehru Jacket

What is trending these days you ask? Nehru jackets are it. They are easy to customize and you can experiment this style with kurtas, shalwars, and even jeans. Also, lots of Bollywood stars have worn one to their own weddings too. So, would you give this traditional menswear attire a try?

4. A Long Kurta With Trousers

5. An Embelished Jacket

Plain and simple sherwani jackets are cool – but what about embroidered ones? Who said embellished clothes are just for women? Have fun at your upcoming wedding function by rocking this latest fashion trend. You can experiment with the colors and the kind of embroidery you prefer. Also, don’t be afraid to try new colors or even gold and pink tones. After all, real men wear pink.

6. Dhoti Pants

A Dhoti is such a traditional and simple clothing article. But now, this style has graced wedding attires and added itself to the latest wedding looks. It is a new cool for all the men, especially Punjabi men who love to get desi. Also, it really gives off a confident, masculine aura.


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