8 Hacks To Look Lean & Fit

“Does this outfit make me look fat?”

Is the big question that almost always comes up whenever we shop, dress up or try on clothes to pick the right outfit.

Clothes that flatter our figures are so important, and It is so true that certain outfits can make one look bulky, out of proportion or even saggy.

Lets be realistic;

Cutting down on carbs, avoiding foods that might cause bloating and running a few laps to cut inches days before a shaadi or an important occasion is not always attainable.

But you wanna know the next best thing to workouts and eating right?

Just few simple fashion tricks, you can help yourself look lean and fit. Prepare for the compliments!

Hack # 1 : Wear all Chiffon

Chiffon outfits are flowy and can make you look and even feel light weight. We commonly wear chiffon for evening wear, for giving an elegant and floating appearance to the gown. It will make your curves look smooth and streamline other parts, making you look fit and lean. Wear bulky materials occasionally, such as velvet, suede, raw silk mohair and cotton satin.

Image source : Panache apparel

Hack # 2 : V Neck Kameez

Choose V-necklines over a boat neckline. They will add height to your frame through a triangular, vertical line. Deeper necklines visually balance broad hips and thighs. So if you have a heavy lower figure, V necks are for you.

Image source : Khaadi

Hack # 3 : Clothes with a Flare

Flared clothing will draw the attention down and give the illusion that you are leaner. It also helps to conceal thicker hips. This can be achieved with Maxi dresses, Lehngas or an A-line kameez. By choosing flares, you create longer looking legs.

Image source : Pinterest

Hack # 4 : Wearing Vertical lines

Choose long, vertical lines instead of horizontal prints.Vertical details add an illusion of being taller and slimmer frame by forcing the eyes to scan up and down instead of sideways. This will give your silhouette a fit look overall.

Image source : Pinterest

Hack # 5 : Wearing Black Bottoms

The most flattering styles are dark bottoms, with the lighter color on top. The leanest silhouettes of all are flared, bell bottom and straight leg trousers. Also they must be fitted, and not too loose.

Image source : Khaadi

Hack # 6 : Wear Pointed Heels

We all know heels add to a slimming effect but another good tip is to wear pointed toe shoes rather than those with a round toe. Pointed shoes can add an inch or two to your foot, and elongate your leg. Nude Heels create a slimming effect just as much as Black.

Image source : Khaadi

Hack # 7 : One hue all over

Tops and bottoms of the same color create a smooth vertical line, making you look thinner and taller. The same color between your upper and lower body draw eyes to the middle, and camouflages a heavier bottom or top – making you look lean .

Image source : Nazmina

Hack # 8 : Dark Colors

Dark, rich color can be just as slimming as black, so opt for navy blues, maroons, Purples and charcoal gray. Emerald and bottle greeen is making a major comeback.

Image source : Khaadi

There are many other ways to flatter the curviest part of your silhouette – give these a try and see if they work for you!


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