Find The Perfect Everyday & Formal Traditional Jewelry

I think we all agree that jewelry isn’t just an accessory. It is about self expression among many other things. To the traditional Pakistani woman, jewelry is an asset, an investment, family heritage and what not.

The Jewelry of Pakistan is the most gorgeous in the World, and there’s no doubt about that! The country has the biggest collection of vintage, traditional, tribal and Antique jewelry – most of which is delicately handcrafted and prepared.

Pakistan’s Jewelry Market is advancing every day. E commerce stores are now common, whereas previously (a per the olden times) – women had family jewelers, who would personalize all jewelry pieces and items.

Most Online Jewelry Shop sales in Pakistan comprise of Artificial Jewelry – the kind we all like to wear on a daily basis. Getting gold and diamond Jewelry remains an in store experience.

With all these Jewelry store options available online and in the markets, its hard to know exactly where we’ll find good quality, long lasting, worthy, stylish and trendy jewelry pieces.

Jhumkas, Saharas, Jhumars are all such perfect compliments to our favorite desi looks!

The following online Jewelry stores have been under high demand. Most of them started out as small scale business ventures on Instagram – but have now earned the spotlight with their high quality, unique and stylish jewellry designs. From Elan to Saira Shakira, big Pakistani designers are show casing their jewellry peices in their latest catalogs and collections.

So you’ll definitely find the perfect additions to your ethnic wear with these stores :

1. Regalia House Of Jewels

Regalia offers exclusive and elegant hand-crafted jewelry rooted in centuries of culture and tradition; designed for royalty & worn by divas.

2. Midira

Midira’s Jewelry  has a phenomenal grace and elegance due to their delicate high quality pieces.

3. Pearls & Tassels

Enriched with shine and luster, their jewelry comes in a wide variety of colors and their collections carry a elegant, modern and decent look. Their signature plain gold pieces  are also in demand these days.

4. Hoops & Studs

This popular Instagram page has been mentioned by Beauty Bloggers time and time again.

5. Elegant Jewellry

6. BeeDazzled Jewellry

Floral gem designs always give off refreshing looks to the women wearing them. Jewelry  inspired by the nature might be just the thing for many brides and women these days.

7. Zaheen Kamran

So these were some of the top Jewelry Trends in Pakistan. For further designs, you can look up the above pages to see if there’s anything you like. We really hope you find the kind of stuff that will satisfy your thirst for the best Jewelry designs in Pakistan.


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