Here’s What Your Zodiac Says About Your Desi Fashion Sense

Are you wondering what your zodiac sign says about your fashion sense? After conducting some thorough research, we’ve concluded your desi fashion sense with regards to how the cosmos influence your personal style.

Obviously, our personalities largely determine our fashion sense, but what do the cosmos have to say? Also, find out which Pakistani celebrity shares the same star, and has a desi fashion personality similar to yours!

1. Capricorn

Capricorns are all about cozy, comfortable clothing. They do not easily give up their comfort when it comes to choosing what to wear. This is why Capricorns tend to love winter (that’s when the outfits are marshmallow soft and comfy). Also, when it comes to eastern wear, they love shalwars and just the right cigarette pants or trousers. So finally, if your’e a capricorn , you’re all about effortless sophistication.

Complementary Colors: Dark shades including Purple, green, and black

2. Aquarius

When it comes to trends, they like to experiment things their own way. They will be up for trying something new – but only if it is how THEY like it. Aquarians are creative. Their fashion is reflection of their up-beat yet composed nature. An Aquarius is not an open book, so they prefer darker shades and flowy clothing in their ethnic wear. Maxi dresses. lehngas and Chiffon are your to-go’s.

Complementary Colors: Bold shades like Red, Royal Blue and Black

Celebrity Star : Sanam Saeed

3. Pisces

Pisces women are fun-loving and free spirited. They love being in the spotlight on events by going for eye-catching, but never over-the-top looks. Formal eastern wear is what they love, but with an easy-breezy vibe – nothing too embellished or bedazzled.

Complementary Colors: Pastels like lavender, pink, and baby blue

Celebrity Star : Kinza Hashmi

4. Aries

An Aries girl can go from 0 to 100, real quick when it comes to her desi fashion sense. She will either dress down by wearing the humble simple shalwar kameez, or go for an exquisite saaree on a wedding. But she will do this in all the right ways. Moreover, An Aries loves seamless looks. If you’re an Aries, you’re the chameleon of the fashion world!

Complementary Colors: Bright colors that pack a punch

Celebrity Star : Hania Amir

5. Taurus

A Taurus afraid to be the stylish stand-out with bold pieces and accessories. A short blouse with a saaree? Bring it on. Pencil heels? I can do it. A Taurus is always desi fashion-forward and loves to make a statement with their daily style. Furthermore, they can also be label snobs at times. You would prefer a Maria B outfit over a non labelled one any day.

Complementary Colors: Blues, earth tones, and neutrals

Celebrity Star : Sohai Ali Abro

6. Gemini

A Gemini takes pleasure in wearing pieces that turn heads and have people asking questions. They are barely ever a Wallflowers and are not afraid to try new desi fashion brands and you love online shopping. But, if you’re a Gemini, you want a pair of everything – all sorts of ethnic looks and not just a trouser kameez ! A Gemini show up in something different for every event – be it a wedding, or Eid or even a lunch date. Also, you wouldn’t wanna be caught in the same outfit twice.

Complementary Colors: Vibrant happy shades like Pinks and Yellow

Celebrity Star : Khubra Khan

7. Cancer

A Cancer is a sophisticated, classy dame, with an eye for clean lines and a timeless clothing choices. Also, you’re not a big style risk taker if you’re a Cancer. Moreover, you love dressing up formal more than going out casually in just a trouser or a kameez. You’ll come up with desi fashion looks that are pulled together in a ladylike kind of way. In addition, you love collared shirts with perfectly stitched pants or bell bottoms. A Cancer will also ALWAYS accessorize.

Complementary Colors:  Light shades like white, silver, and pastels

Celebrity Star : Urwa Hocane

8. Leo

You only trust your own gut when it comes to dressing. You’ll go shopping for a whole day and come back with things you only really liked. A Leo is not a follower – but a leader. Leos are notorious for their fiery, headstrong personalities. Your fearless, bold and loving personality translates into a bold new wardrobe – one that perfectly describes you.

Complementary Colors:  Gold, red and black.

Celebrity Star : Maya Ali

9. Virgo

Virgos love of the classics and prefer tailored silhouettes. If something is new in fashion, they’ll be unorthodox and follow their own trends. In addition,they usually have something signature or unusual to their typical style. It can be shoes like khussas, jhumkas for earrrings always and so on. Bu whatever they wear, a Virgo always looks feminine and polished.

Complementary Colors:  Red, Pink and Purple

Celebrity Star : Momna Mustehsan

10. Libra

Libra’s usually have a very girly dressing sense – but they like to keep it very natural. You love formal wear like frocks, Maxi dresses and flares – but it on pants or ghararas, the list goes on. Libra’s are total princesses and they need to look clean, sharp and pretty. Also, Black-and-white is your signature color combo. A black kurta or dress is your go to.

Complementary Colors:  Black and White

Celebrity Star : Amna Ilyas

11. Scorpio

A Scorpio is a mysterious gal, and you take this quality into your style. Scorpios are always at the bottom of everything. You know what you want but no one else does. Does that make sense? You’re a creature of habit when it comes to getting dressed,  so you keep your favorites close at all times. If there’s a shaadi, you’ll leave everyone’s jaws dropped because they’ll never see your perfect outfit coming. Also, if someone wore the same Kurta as you, you wouldn’t be very happy.

Complementary Colors:  Gold and Silver

Celebrity Star : Minal Khan

12. Sagittarius

A Sagittarius will put a premium on comfort. You have your wardrobe staples which includes all kinds of kurtas, trousers, flowing maxi dresses, and elegant kameez’s of every color. Moreover, you’re a bonafide shopping lover if you’re a Sagittarius. You have a polished yet unfussy style. You also love bold statement accessories.

Complementary Colors:  Sapphire Blue, onyx, black

Celebrity Star : Iqra Aziz


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