Top Winter Fabrics In Vogue For Salwar Kameez in Winters

Winters are on doors, and it is about that time to don the awaited winter looks. We have winter fabrics for your salwar kameez that make your winter glamorous, fashionable, ethnic, and comfortable. Below are our favourite winter fabrics that will make you turn heads throughout the season.

Cross Stitch


The right choice of velvet fabric will give you a classy and rich appeal. This décor is considered a traditional salwar fabric due to its soft texture and heavy tufts. It has a shine that makes it stand out. Velvet fabrics are of many varieties. Depending on your taste and budget, you can choose the right fit. This fabric can be paired with boots, denim, and a little embroidery.

Zeen Woman


If you don’t compromise on quality, this should be your go-to fabric. Taffeta is a vibrant luxury fabric. It is smooth, crisp, and goes well with polyester and rayon. To look extraordinary against the white winter backdrop, go with bold colors.



This is a must-have fabric for your salwar kameez if you love royalty. It has a rich history dating to the era of Mughals, and it was sought after due to its luxury textiles. These were characterized by rich brocade work woven in silk, gold, and silver motifs. Kinkhab will give you a royal look in the cold weather.

Asim Jofa


Tussar Silk is rich in texture, is easy to maintain, and it will give you a radiant look. Not only will it give your salwar suit a classy shine, but it is the perfect companion for salwar kameez.


Mashru Silk

This fabric is a blend of silk and cotton since it looks like silk, but its slight and smooth feel is that of cotton. For those who are in love with cotton, this is the ideal fabric to wear in winter. Mashru is a masterpiece for your wardrobe and it is known for its uniqueness.

Ain’t nothing like adorning one of these winter fabrics for your salwar kameez in winter.


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