Party Suits You Can Wear To An Up-coming Shaadi or Event

Party suits no longer only about bling, loud sequences and and fabric. If you’re looking for an elegance factor and does not mind experimenting subtle colors and attractive intricate designs, we have some super austere shaadi and desi party wear looks to recommend.

If you’re the bridesmaid, or the brides sister or cousin, you need to look just right on the event – not too blingy, and not dressed down either. The same goes for party suits. So check out these top picks by Salwar Kameez :

1. Maxi dresses from Mahum Asad

This designer is incredibly magnificent and has the essence of traditional Pakistani culture in every inch of her party suits and dresses. You’ll find some distinct tailored garments at their store.

Mahum Asad

2. An Embellished Shirt & Trousers Baroque

While Baroque does the most beautiful job in making red outfits there is much more you can experiment with when it comes to colors. They have fancy party suit designs of all colors and styles – all ready made.


3. Sharara looks from Maria B

Choose the flare of your sharara wisely. If you’re not a Kameez and pants gal, and are looking for flowy bottoms like a sharara – Maria B is the queen of flared bottoms. I think every shopaholic gal has a party suit from Maria B.

Maria B

4. Lehnga looks From Emaan Adeel

In the quest of looking grand, if you want to wear a lehnga but not one that has a flare which would make you look bigger than your original size, Emaan Adeel does it right.

Emaan Adeel

5. Chiffon Looks from Afrozeh

Afrozeh offers a wide range of ready made and unstitched wedding wear collections. This year, they featured some fully stitched fashionable chiffon attires and party suits in various styles. They are all ready to wear and custom stitched so you don’t have to lift a finger.


6. Saaree dresses from Sanya Maskatiya

Saaree dresses have been the rave of 2020. This is the perfect middle ground between a saaree and a maxi dress. If you love both, and cant decide which one you want to wear – this is the solution to your problem. Getting a saaree dress ready made is probably your best bet, because getting one stitched from scratch might just be too tricky.

Sanya Maskatiya

6. Short Top Looks from Ammara Khan

The kameez factor in the outfit that can never stop attracting eye balls if designed and materialized well. The kameez matters the most and if you’re into above the knee short tops, Ammara Khan has some super cute options and they are all formal wear.

Ammara Khan

7. Salwar Kameez Looks from Generation

If you’re looking to go for a very desi girl. punjabi look – Generation is where you should look. Generation offers formal wear from shalwar kameez to even saaree looks – all representing a very traditional and cultural theme. If you want to be that Punjabi chic at the mehndi or the dholki – try a shalwar?


8. Velvet Looks from Garnet

We love Garnetclothing because they give you quality for money. They have formal wear at super economic prices – and these outfits are stylish too! So far, we adore their velvet collection which has been popular since Winter 2019. They just launched their new velvet ensembles this month too. Embellished velvet always looks modern on a wedding. This look a great for mature older women.

Garnet Clothing

9. Gowns from Threads & Motives

Threads and Motives has been long known for making gowns and flowy dresses in all sorts of colors, textile fabrics and styles. From long velvet gowns, to netted frocks and open-front party suits – they have it all. Although Threads and Motives has a theme for making clothes in lighter shades of hue – you might find the kind you’re looking for due to their large variety. Their clothes are popular every wedding season.

Threads and Motives

10. Saaree Looks from Rehstore

Rehmat Ajmal’s hand painted organza saarees have been the talk of wedding season. The minimalist, subtle yet graceful saarees by Rehstore offer the perfect bridesmaid look. Also, there’s no denying that her sarees are unique and unlike any other. So even with a look so simple – you will make heads turn.


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