Ideas And Inspiration On How To Be A Unique Pakistani Bride

Overtime, desi culture has distorted the image of a Pakistani bride. There is always this expectation that the Bride has the be the ‘disco ball’ at a desi wedding – adorned with heavy jewelry, a long glittery ensemble and a huge mop of hair-sprayed hair to go with it. Let’s be honest, the idea of the overburdened desi bride, fretting over planning the perfect desi wedding, is not most comforting.

But News Flash. You don’t have to be what society wants you to be. Don’t fret over what others are going to think about what you wear on your Wedding day. It’s YOUR big day, and it’s all about you.

Don’t wanna wear red like every desi bride on the planet? You don’t have to.

Don’t wanna wear you hair in a pulled back up-do? You don’t have to do that either!

If there’s anything that 2020 has taught us (especially with the Pandemic situation) , it is that Simplicity is beautiful. Moreover, wear whatever you look best in. This year is all about being unconventional and above all, being your true self.

Also, we have seen some super Unique wedding dress designs worn by some Pakistani Brides for your inspiration.

Remember when Eman Suleman shocked the world when she cut her hair into a pixie up-do before her wedding? And her dress was simple, chic, elegant and she looked like an absolute star.

And we’ve all heard of Sanjana Rishi. The influencer ditched the hefty bridal lehenga to flaunt her own personal style on her big day when she fiercely embraced a graceful pant-suit as her power dress.

Staying true to herself, Avantika never liked makeup so she decided not to go for the heavy red lip shade that brides are famously known for. In fact, she wore no excessive layers of makeup at all – and went for a subtle, natural, dewy morning look. She looked radiant!

This non fussy Bride had an absolute blast on her wedding when she made a stellar entry on a heavy bike, accompanied by the good-est boy ever

Inspired by her mother’s wedding ceremony, Delara Lalwani wanted to recreate her mother’s makeup on her own wedding by going for a nude, foundation free face with a simple up-do an an elegant white silvery dress.

Here’s some more Inspiration on Unique Wedding dresses that are our absolute favorites :

We love this next ice blue dress from Zuria Dor. The color seems to have been inspired by Frozen the movie, no? She looks like such a princess. You can totally steal this look for your Nikkah Ceremony or even your Barat.

This Pakistani Bride too, took the non traditional route and chose yellow to be her wedding dress. Yes, the Darat dress not the Mehndi dress. How cute does she look? Especially with the contrast of green earrings.

Which Bride is your favorite? So are you going to be a unique Pakistani bride on your totally desi wedding?


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