Inspiration For Eastern Mother Daughter Matching Outfits

Mother Daughter relationships are unlike any other. Mothers are also their daughter’s fashion gurus. Our Moms design our wardrobes and play a major role in influencing our fashion sense when we grow up.

In Pakistan, holidays and occasions are celebrated with a lot of festivity. This obviously includes our dressing. And most of the time, when it comes to such gatherings and occasions, our Mothers have to pick everyone’s outfits. Often, the mother daughter duo do matching salwar kameez outfits which looks absolutely adorable and exquisite.

Sometimes moms twin their outfits totally, and for the other times, they go for something that has a theme – like similar colors, embellishments, similar cuts, accessories and so not. This article is going to help you pick mother daughter outfit styles that will complement any event, as well as your bond.

Many brands like Nishat and Mair B offer such matching salwar kameez outfits. Aiman Khan wore this number from Faiza Saqlain for Eid.

Sanam jung and her daughter Alaya twinned in pink and white for Eid with this simple but elegant Maria B outfit.

If you are not into buying a ready-made outfits and want to prepare something extra special for you and your daughter, that is an excellent option as well! Alyza Gabol kept it fresh and simple this Eid by twinning with her daughter in this self designed Gharara and Kameez.

Another tip – If you can’t find your daughter an outfit that is exactly similar to yours, you can always go for matching colors or prints only. Syra Yousaf is always twinning with her daughter. They are honestly our favorite duo. Check out these distinct, yet matching salwar kameez outfits she did with her little girl.

She even matched her lip color shade to her daughters outfit which looks absolutely adorable.

You can also get matching sleepwear for yourself and your daughter and have a whole day at home together.

Don’t forget to get your daughter matching accessories – earrings, bangles or even a cute bow. There is usually so much cloth left over when we get clothes made from scratch from our tailors. Think of handmade accessories for your daughter!

Here are some other top picks :

You can always go for a long skirt look. A dupatta accessorized with a long skirt gives the outfit an eastern-western fusion look. If your daughter loves poofy dresses – but it might look too silly for the mom to put one on too (yikes); Wear A long skirt!

We love how this mom matched her half tied updo with her daughter, along with the outfit. A mother daughter duo always looks striking in Pink hues.


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